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Meet Your Expert Trianers.


Joseph Hupp

Joe Hupp has been marketing online since early 2002.  Over these past 9 years he has used nearly every available strategy to create online income including eBay, Drop Shipping, eCommerce, and Affiliate Marketing.

His real passion is teaching others how to replicate the success that he's had.  Over the past 6 years he has taught over 7,000 students to do just that.  Working with individuals and businesses of all sizes, Joe shares his experience and expertise to help them create thriving online businesses. 

Along with teaching, he also runs several eCommerce websites, is an active Affiliate Marketer, and is a trusted advisor and consultant for a number of companies across the country.


Marshall Madsen

Marshall brings a lot of high-level business skills to the table. He was in senior management for convention centers, arenas, and hotels for over 15 years.

During that time he was in charge of the development and marketing of these companies websites. He took that experience and started creating his own ecommerce website and currently owns 2 drop shipping websites as well as several blogs and multiple eBay accounts.

He is currently a Top Rated Power Seller on eBay and loves to share his success with others. Over the last few years he has trained hundreds of students how to duplicate his success.

About Elite


Drive More Traffic

After you know how to turn visitors into buyers it’s a numbers game. We’ll teach you how to drive a lot of qualified buyers to your website day in and day out.


Immediate Cash Flow using eBay

Our goal is to put cash in your pocket as quickly as possible so you can continue to develop your online business into a flourishing online empire.


eBay Power Seller & Out-Sell Your Competitors

Did you know that over 90% of auctions end without a single bid? Find out how to always sell your items and how to get exactly what you want for each item you list.


How to Do SEO the Right Way

What does it take to get on the first page of Google for free? With all of Google’s recent updates you better be doing SEO right or you’re actually hurting your chances of getting to the first page.


Make Money With Google Paid Search

According to Yahoo over 95% of advertisers quit using paid search. How come? Because they’re losing money. We’ll show you not only how to make money but how to “print money” using Paid Search (even if the other gurus are saying “paid search is dead”).


How to Get Customers Coming Back

Getting someone to buy from you once is great, but can you get them coming back asking for more? That’s what we want to show you how to do... We call it the Iceberg Affect.

The Elite Marketing Conference has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their online businesses by teaching them the online strategies that will maximize ROI, cut their costs, and drive thousands of qualified customers to their businesses. You'll learn from Industry experts who aren't just "good speakers" but also actually do what they will be teaching you. Your instructors will work with you closely to learn the proper strategies that are working in today's difficult economic climate as well as help you implement these strategies in your online business.


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